While growing up, I never got into football too much passed flag football or simple touch football when we played in gym class.  I was always into those “other” activities like aggressive street skating and mountain biking.  So when Sarah asked me if I wanted to play some touch football with friends on Superbowl Sunday, I figured what the heck.  I’m up to do just about anything at least once.  If you don’t try something, then you might not ever know if you might really enjoy it.  I can definitely say that at least for Indian food being my all time favorites that if I had never tried, I would have never known the joy I was missing out on.

Well now that I’ve tried it again, it is NOT for me.  Lol.  Just about my entire life even when I wasn’t vegan, I weighed at most upwards in the mid 140 lbs range.  That’s even when I had extra fat on me from all the ice cream, steak, and junk food.  Now I’d say I hover a little over a lean 130 lbs.  One thing that I pride myself in is that I can run pretty fast, but when you have a 220 lb. guy barreling over you, there’s not much you can do from getting hurt.

Swelled Pinky

I can now see why some professionals like Sarah’s dad stray away from anything that might harm the tools they use (their hands) in their careers like dentistry.  Mine on the other hand (get it.. on the other hand.. ha ha ha :-P) is using the computer.  I ended up jamming my little finger and now I have to put up with the pain while typing.  I’m just hoping it’s not a fracture, but I can still somewhat bend it.  I had it in a splint the first night (a lollipop stick and bandaids.. thank you Sarah) and now I’ve taken it off to see how it does.

Out of the Splint

Comparing Pinky Fingers Side By Side

Anyways, I think I’ll leave football to the real vegan pros like Tony Gonzalez.  At least he’s 247 lbs so he can take a lot more of a beating than I can!

****** UPDATE ******

Yep.  It’s broken.  I went all night with the homemade splint and finally took it off this morning to see what it’d be like.  All day it had some pain and even looked bent!  So I went to an Urgent Care and got an x-ray and found out it’s a 50% fracture that might need surgery.  The tendon is most likely not connected anymore causing it to droop and the fracture was making it look bent.  I now have it in a normal splint until I can get a recommendation from a specialist on whether it needs surgery.  Touch football, yeah right!  😛

(the dark part above my joint is the 50% fracture of the bone)


***** ANOTHER UPDATE *****

I was so nervous to go to the hand surgeon.  I’ve never had actual surgery for anything except stitches so I didn’t want to start now.  I went in, he took a look at my finger and the x-ray and said “What we’re going to do is put it in a splint for 6-8 weeks and it should heal up just fine.”  I was so relieved!  He slipped my finger into a much nicer fitting splint and I got my choice of blue and green so I picked the brighter of the two.  Hopefully in a couple months this will all be over with and I can take it off.  Stay tuned!



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  1. paolo's mom says:

    cool. devon just sent a link!

  2. Paul Bates says:

    Hey there! Nice to see you on Ginger!

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