Over the weekend the entertainment website for the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Three8Six.com, held an awesome night bonfire beach party in New Smyrna.  This was the second time I had gone to one of these events and I can tell you it’s an experience worth remembering.  There was a local drum organization there who brought a large amount of drums on the beach for everyone to play around the bonfire.

Drumming to the Bonfire on the Beach

Just as the sun started setting, I was in charge of lighting the fire and keeping it going throughout the night.  More and more people showed up and at first you’d think it would almost be a hippie sort of event, but it turned out to be much more than that.  The beats were almost like an African tribal rhythm that captivated and connected everyone around the fire.


Beach Bonfire in Full Swing

Drummers and Dancers at the Bonfire

They had previously held a beach bonfire at night in Flagler where you can legally drink on the beach, but in New Smyrna it’s actually illegal.  If I had a choice between the drinking or the drumming though, I’d have to say that the drums take it!  The sound of the ocean, the bright moon, the breeze, and the blazing bonfire flaring embers into the night all to a steady drum beat make for a great time to remember!

Chrissy, Kelly, and Sarah at the Bonfire

Paul and Sarah Drumming With the Beat

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